‘Foreign Bodies – Corpi Estranei’

Monticelli&Pagone Italian Exhibition

From Saturday 9 August to Sunday 7 September 2014

Opening Event Friday 8 August 2014  4pm to 8pm

– Performance opening at Stockbridge Library 4pm – 6pm

– Gallery opening at Alpha Art Gallery 6pm – 8pm

August 8th 2014 will mark the beginning of a month long event featuring the work of the prominent artistic duo Monticelli&Pagone (M&P) and five other significant artists from Puglia in Italy. The event, which includes performance art, contemporary dance and regional Italian food, is led by the Alpha Art Gallery, supported by the Italian Institute of Culture and InArt, and involves other partners in Edinburgh, including, the Stockbridge Library, Dancebase – the National Centre for Dance and the Al Dente Restaurant.

The Artists:

M&P (Monticelli & Pagone), began to work together in 1999 with the initials M&P.  They live and work between Sulmona and Rome.  Several of their works are currently in the “Art of the 21st Century” collection of the Special Superintendent of Contemporary Art (Rome) and in the archives of contemporary art, “Via Farini” (Milan).

Ezia Mitolo can boast of collaborations with significant artists such as Francesco Somaini, Karel Appel and Anish Kapoor.

Pino Caputi is the winner of prestigious awards such as the Premio Cairo and has presented in exhibitions curated by the likes of Demetrio Paparoni, Jean Blancheart and Vito Caiati.

Pierluca Cetera is a significant representative of the New Wave Art Puglia. He is a winner of the Art Biz Shanghai award and was presented in the Puglia Pavilion of the 54th Venice Biennale, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

Magda Milano teaches painting at the Academy of Bari, Puglia; she exhibited as part of the Italian Job during the Edinburgh Art Festival in 2011 and has recently exhibited in Turkey and Romania.

The Astormendez Community has exhibited in Italy, Denmark and UK – London; they will bring new ideas and multi-media works to complement the other works in this unique and varied project.

What does the language of performance art and contemporary dance have to do with a project that has at its heart an exhibition in an art gallery? For two hours before the official opening in the Alpha Gallery, Stockbridge Library will host an interactive public performance of body to body animations involving the two artists Monticelli&Pagone and members of the public. Other lively and engaging participatory activities are being planned during the course of the event. Entertainment is key to this project in which a key word for the promoters is the fun of creative expression. People who participate in this event will experience a different sense of style and maybe a different approach to life. Why shouldn’t this extend from the Alpha Art Gallery to the spaces and lives we inhabit every day?

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