‘Distillation of Scale’

Michael Dix Solo Exhibition

From 20th June to 12th July 2015

Preview Friday 19th June 2015 5.30-8.00pm

Michael Dix’s new solo show ‘Distillation of Scale’ at Alpha Art in Edinburgh is his second show at the Stockbridge gallery.  ‘Scale’ once again forms the central core of the artist’s work, with concentrated, articulate, complex pieces of nature being produced over pristine white backgrounds, ordinance survey maps, and original 19th Century architectural etchings. Michael has built a reputation for his hyper real, purified, idolised visions of a variety of Pollinators.  Each piece is designed to present a view of often overlooked beings, carefully positioned over scale-less backgrounds.  The resultant body of work is a further development of last year’s ‘Idolisation of Scale’ exhibition, also hosted at Alpha Art Gallery.

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Stock Bridge Market - Michael Dix

Stock Bridge Market – Michael Dix