Lawrie Williamson


Medium: Oil on Canvas & Watercolor on Art Paper.

Born in 1932 – FRSA. RBSA. AROI. NDD.

Williamson became a ‘Major Exhibitioner’ at the age of 16, then attended Nottingham College of Art, University of Nottingham and L’ecole des Baux Arts Paris. Winner of both ‘Stanley Grimm’ and ‘Cornellison’ prizes at the Annual exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

Lawrie Williamson established himself by painting memories of Nottingham and Derbyshire in the 1940’s and 1950’s. As well as studying at Beaux-Art Paris with Arthur Spooner he also sketched with L.S. Lowry. Lawrie moved to Ireland and has been painting local Irish landscapes and figurative paintings the style of which is unique to him and instantly recognizable.

His paintings are sought after by Major Institutions and Collectors worldwide. Lawrie says: “I paint the first thing God made – Light”.

Brian Sewell – Broadcaster and Art Critic of the Year: “Few if any, handle the medium of oil painting as well as Lawrie Williamson”.