Jack Frame


Born and raised around Dickens’ old stomping grounds of Chatham and Rochester.

Graduated in 2007 from Glasgow School of Art (sold-out degree show).

In his twenties, Frame is already being hotly tipped to become one of Scotland’s most collectable artists. There is maturity to Frame’s work, not to mention his approach to his art. The middle boy of three brothers, both his parents and teachers were instrumental, he says, in helping him to follow the correct career path.

Certainly, looking at recent paintings of trees, often delicately rendering on large sheets of Perspex or glass, there seems to be so much more to them than just a mere depiction of a landscape.

Like Turner, he is always chasing the ether or atmosphere and the trees themselves appear to take on human qualities. It’s as thought, through the vehicle of the natural world, he is searching to place humans in context; to understand our place in an increasingly sterile global landscape.

Describing himself as a ‘magpie’ in his approach to his art, Frame is also a romantic in the way he engages his artistic sensibility – always striving to strip away the heaviness of a scene, be it in a landscape or figurative painting.

‘I guess in the way Rembrandt kept returning to self-portrait, as a means of charting the passage of time, I keep going back to trees as a way of understanding the world’ he explains.

Frame’s recent top finish in 2009’s prestigious Jolomo Awards for landscape painting has brought him to the attention of a wider audience.