Graham McKean


In 1996, after 17 years as a graphic designer, Graham McKean decided to commit himself totally to producing his oil paintings. Graham is presently registered as a self-employed artist, painting fulltime from a WASP studio at the harbourside in Irvine, Ayrshire.

Peter Howson in April 2008: “…Graham has managed to do a rare thing with his art. He has created a style, which is uniquely his, and it is instantly recognizable. Nearly all his work is strong, but strangely charming, gentle even. I find them romantic and chivalrous. His composition is extremely fine and his drawing is good. Everything holds together well by a clever use of colour”.

Graham McKean: “I always try to produce images of hope, sentiment, humour and love. To me these aspects of life are the most important and I will be happy if I can continue to explore them”.

His paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions and are increasingly appearing at the UK’s leading auction houses. His work has now become highly collectable and is held in prestigious private and public collections worldwide. Graham also supports a number of charities through events and auctions.