Graeme Sharp


Graeme Sharp graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1995 with a highly successful degree show, selling 30 drawings and paintings. Since then he has worked full time as an artist in his Glasgow studio exhibiting regularly in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. He has attracted a great deal of attention, including being described by one of Scotland’s leading art dealers as being one of ‘Scotland’s up and coming artists on STV News programme after selling more than a dozen paintings at Glasgow’s celebrated Art Fair.

Graeme has also been featured on ITV’s Home Show, 7Days, NB. Some of his work has been purchased by Scottish celebrities and are in private collections at home and abroad.

Graeme often uses a range of friends as models, covering them with glorious fabrics and flowers which aim to attract the viewer into the painting through the model. He uses abstract marks of colour and light to represent positive energy. Graeme also uses thick brushes for a mosaic effect reminiscent of Byzantine art or palette knife to create wonderful textures within his work. He interprets portraits in a modern way, exaggerating colors and texture, releasing his love for painting. His portraits capture his experience of being filled with fire and light.