Frank McFadden


From the Glasgow area of Maryhill, Frank McFadden is a protégée of Peter Howson.

A former sign-writer and graphic designer, just a few years ago he was addicted to drugs and selling The Big Issue. The older painter, who has also had his problems with addiction, met McFadden by chance in a café on Great Western Road.

Howson took him under his wing, employing him as a studio assistant and helping McFadden develop his own artistic ability and personal strength. McFadden says that ‘Peter helped me to believe that I had a future’, and his wish to be a better father to his young daughter spurred him on to create a new life for himself.

For some time, the two artists shared a studio in Glasgow’s city centre, and have exhibited together in Glasgow, Edinburgh and New York. McFadden now works from his own studio in Glasgow. As McFadden’s frame grows, he is building a list of celebrity patrons, including Jessica Simpson and Dawn French.