Clodagh Meiklejohn


Clodagh was born in 1974 and spent the first 20 years of her life in Scotland. From an early age she was drawn to visual arts as well as music and film. She has studied at the Norwich School of Art and Design and the Putney School of Art and Design, deciding in 2003 to develop her painting in acrylic and mixed media.

“I am inspired by wild open spaces and the interaction of the elements – the sky, the sea and the earth in their different forms. I like to feel the mood and atmosphere: for me, the beauty of a scene arises due to harmonies which are natural but which may not always be peaceful.

In my interpretation of the landscape I aim to convey the sense of drama or capture the elements in flux, so veer towards an impression rather than accurate depiction, using a variety of techniques and textures.

I like a composition to be open to interpretation, or for form to emerge from something seemingly haphazard. In this creative process, painting can reflect nature itself.”