Ashleigh Bysouth


Ashleigh was born in Dunfermline, Scotland 1972 into a naval family but brought up in the historical town of Helensburgh.

She has been painting landscapes, floral & abstracts  in various mediums since early 2002 incorporating depth & texture to create a point difference for her work. Favouring the use of bright colours, metallics, glitter and impasto acrylic for a dynamic effect. Conveying her interpretation of a visual moment in time, encapsulating her thoughts and emotions within the work created. Ashleigh’s paintings can be found in public and private collections across Scotland.

She adds: “I am not limited to landscapes; sea scenes, sunrise/sets, abstract, plaster work & still life are all part of my work. I enjoy the calming, peaceful nature of what I do, but I love knowing others get pleasure from my work as well. I have always loved to paint but after a period of time gifting my art to friends, family and colleagues, I was encouraged to offer my work commercially, which is very exciting. I hope my collectors enjoy the work and find it both comforting and uplifting”